Running Time: 40 min + 10 min Q&A | Grade Range: K - 7 

Touring: Oct 2016 & Feb 2017


CELESTE is having a hard time at school; she can’t seem to make any friends in her class, so she decides she must be from outer space. Celeste knows there is a whole world of people who are like her up in the stars, so she starts building a spaceship to bring her back to her home planet. That’s when Celeste meets Martin, a new boy at school, who wants to help build the rocket, and the adventure takes a new turn. Celeste explores the world of a young girl with a big imagination and her struggle making social connections. As we see the world through her eyes, and the tremendous colour and joy that her inner world presents, we realize that seeing things differently can be a wonderful gift.


Curriculum Connections: Autism Awareness | Healthy Relationships | Family Relationships | Empathy | Self Esteem



 “I have watched numerous Green Thumb productions over the years and Celestial Being is one of the best!”


“I thought the show was absolutely fabulous! The storyline was amazing and very well written, conveying a deep message! It really spoke to me and I felt the pain of the characters. As well, the acting, props, and sound was top notch! I would highly recommend this performance! It is one of the best performances to come to our school.”


“Believable, great acting, especially the fact that it held the attention of the kids, even the youngest ones.”


 “…on top of the deep meaning, the play was really entertaining and funny. ”


“It kept me focused and interested the whole time and I am glad that I got introduced to this important subject.” 


"The show was outstanding! Right when Celeste named all the planets when she was nervous, I knew something was not right. Martin was hilarious when he made the Scooby Doo impression and when he ate the hot-dog from the floor.”

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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